Who we are

PAWS, Protective Animal Welfare Society of Western WI, is a 501 c3 Non-Profit Animal Organization run exclusively by volunteers.  We serve Pierce, Polk, and St.Croix counties of western Wisconsin.


Our purpose is to reduce the stray population and increase the need for healthy animal adoptions through spay/neuter programs, education, and promotion of respect for the less fortunate animals that share out lives.


Our Mission

To protect animals from cruelty, neglect, homelessness, and indifference.


Our Vision

To strengthen the bond between animals and people by building a community where all life is valued and respected.


Our Strategy

To educate people about the proper care and treatment of animals, the problem of pet over-population, and to raise publilc awareness of the plight of the homeless animals in our community.


To eliminate euthanasia as a solution to pet over-population through aggressive spay/neuter and placement programs.


To care for our community's homeless animals by providing food, 

water, medical attention, shelter, and love until a permanent home can be found.


To connect our community and animals through public animal welfare programs.


To work collectively with others who support our mission.


LOST OR FOUND Animal - See our HELP Tab for Resources & Animal Control


Adoption Program - pawsofwi@gmail.com(715) 575-9729


Foster Home Program - pawsofwi@gmail.com (715) 575-9729


Spay/Neuter Assistance Program - pawssnprogram@gmail.com(715) 410-7653


Pet Food Assistance Program - pawssnprogram@gmail.com(715) 410-7653


Volunteering - pawsofwi@gmail.com - (715) 575-9729

Mailing Address:  


PO Box 254

River Falls, WI 54022

(Please mail Spay/Neuter application to the address on the FORM Not the PO BOX)


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